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Experienced and Professional Certified Family Mediator!

Child Support , Alimony and Divorce mediations in Palm Beach, Martin and Broward County

Family Law Mediation is a peaceful,  fast and affordable  alternative to the traditional court Divorce!  Get a divorce with or without attorneys!

The Process:

The Divorce Mediation process can take from 1- 8 hours depending on the complexity of the case and the personality of the parties. Usually a mediation can be completed in one or two 3 hour sessions.  Pro-se divorce is a divorce where the parties represent themselves and do not use or involve attorneys in the process. In this economy this method of divorce has become very popular. In a pro-se divorce , or a divorce without attorneys, the use of a mediator is the  most effective way to have all your Florida Family Law forms completed and have your Parenting Plan, Child Support Calculation and division of assets mediated and done.

The Pro-se Divorce  Mediation is an easy 3 step process:

1. We start with a consultation with the mediator in order to determine which package will be best for the client. Here the client fills out an intake sheet and some other required forms.

2. Mediation session is done in order to determine and prepare the Marital Settlement Agreement )( division of assets and liabilities),  Parenting Plan, Child Support Calculation and Alimony Calculation if any.

3. A final meeting will be held to get your complete Florida Family law form package required for a Dissolution of marriage in Florida and all your mediation agreements


Affordable divorce mediation fees ! Click here for pricing.

Other charges that can be expected:

  • QDRO, Deeds, and Financial Affidavits – we can refer to outside sources
  • Clerk of the Court charges a $409 filing fee for filing a dissolution of marriage.