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Florida Senate Bill 250


The Senate is currently working on a new Bill that will amend the Family Law Statutes in regards to timesharing and alimony. “From a review of Senate Bill 250, the Bill proposes a presumption of 50/50 timesharing and proposes significantly reduced alimony awards as well as accelerated terminations.  One issue in past sessions has been the lack of a fully informed body available to comment on this bill and the impact of the alleged “reform.”  You are urged to review the proposed bill to determine your own views on the subjects of: 1) the presumption of equal timesharing; 2) significantly reducing alimony awards; and 3) limiting women’s access to the Courts.  The ultimate question is whether this is fair to the women and children of the State of Florida.”

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  • Mindy Doster
    February 18, 2016

    Senate Bill 250 is a bad bill. I have witnessed a child being ripped out of her mothers arms why screaming & crying and grabbing everything in site just to keep from going and being handed over to her fathers. She was just 3 years old and did not understand what was going on. Her father walked out to go to work and never came home & then sues the mother for rights and gets them. No child should ever be torn away from their mother, home or siblings from previous marriages, until old enough to understand. Their home is their foundation upon which they thrive, and their mother is their security and stability, a father just does not have the same nurturing instincts. That’s why even in the jungle kingdom, the females always look after their young. Maybe at the age of 6 yrs old or older, they might could comprehend the situation. Just a ole grandmother’s point of view.

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